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Enrico Scozzari

Born in Rome in 1969, he is a sailing enthusiast always looking for an innovative project to dedicate himself to.

A former State Police operative, in 1996 he graduated in Law at La Sapienza University in Rome, then started a collaboration with the prestigious Capitoline law firm Colambumbo.

In the following years, he invested in metal constructions, invested in metal constructions.

Since 2000 he has devoted himself to visual communication and the creation of flags and related supports. In 2004 he patented Hercules, a flagpole with an innovative anti-rolling device of the drape on the flagpole itself, which earned him in the following year recognition in the European arena and the 2005 Innovation Award. His entrepreneurial activity continues and is enriched by his various experiences and continuous travels, until 2013, the year that marks another milestone in his career. In that year he won a project tender for Ikea by inventing Kingpole, a 12-meter flagpole designed to be transported in 3-meter parcels. Sold in thousands throughout Europe, it has been installed in all the most prestigious locations including the Quirinal Tower, the Capitol, historic buildings, embassies, and headquarters of international organizations

A new year, a new innovation. In 2014, he patented the "Bright Flag", a patented product recognized as an industry innovation in the European arena. In 2017 he embraces the cause of sustainability. With the RESOLgreen project, he works on 100% zero-impact construction, both in terms of materials and production processes.

In 2021, in collaboration with his friend Diego Occari, he founded Moorsimply.

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