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Moorsimply business solutions

The innovation that simplifies your nautical business

A practical solution for getting out to sea

Moorsimply is a remotely controlled mechanical arm assisting the skipper in mooring maneuvers,  makingself mooring a reality.

This practical and safe system hands the lines out during mooring and stows them on the quay when the boat leaves the dock.

Moorsimply offers a range of additional features, becoming the ideal partner to grow your business by increasing the comfort of your customers.

Dispositivo per ormeggio facile per le aziende

33 million boats worldwide

6 million boats in Europe

170,000 berths in Italy

Dispositivo per ormeggiare da soli per le aziende

Easy mooring against marine traffic

6 million boats sail in European seas.

In Italy alone we have 170,000 berths.

These numbers explains why, especially in summer, people must wait a long time before docking.

Moorsimply helps you solve the problem of maritime traffic by speeding up berthing and exit operations

An immediate advantage
on your competitors

Moorsimply is a 100% certified Made in Italy patent. There is no comparable product on the market.

So, installing Moorsimply means offering a unique service to your customers. It is an additional feature that will make the difference between you and others.

Dispositivo per ormeggiare da soli per aziende
Dispositivo per omerggio facile per aziende

More safety
for the

Moorsimply allows you to complete your mooring maneuvers easily, safely, and without the support of other people.

This means you can cut the costs for your crew and speed up the boarding process on your boat

Ecolution Features

Made in Italy

Patented and certified

Remote control

Photovoltaic panel

LED for night operations

Easier marina management

With Moorsimply you can offer a 24-hour service to the customers who choose to moor in your marina. The action of the remotely controlled mechanical arm supports mooring procedures even late in the evening or early in the morning. And you don't need to be on the dock!

This saves you time and resources, offering a unique and efficent service. The Ecolution version comes with LED lights for mooring with total autonomy even in the darkest hours.

Moorsimply offers a long-term rental formula for tourist boat harbors and marinas, a small monthly fee to an innovative service to the sailor.

A smart tool for marine fleet management

Moorsimply is your technological mooring assistant, but also much more. We are currently developing a smartphone app that will allow you to rent your boats in an innovative, simple, and secure way.

With this multiservice platform, you can manage electronic payments, monitor your customers' mooring time, convey useful information to them, and keep track of the status of your boats.

And you can do it remotely!

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