Moorsimply is an innovative start-up (entered in the relevant registers) borne from an idea that is quickly developing into an extremely scalable business model. Just think: there are 33 million 7-to-20-metre moorings in the world. We are a legal company, and people who believe in our project can enter the share capital by purchasing preference stock in order to join us on our ‘Made in Italy’ adventure. Moorsimply is part of an incentive programme with a 50% tax break under Italian Legislative Decree No. 34 of 19 May 2020 (i.e., the ‘Relaunch Decree’, effective from 19 May 2020 and converted with amendments by Law No. 77 on 17 July 2020). Furthermore, Article 14 of the decree approved on May 20 exempts private investors from income tax on capital gains deriving from the sale of stakes in start-ups and innovative SMEs.

To find out more, drop us an email at info@moorsimply.com

The final product engineering and prototyping phase is currently underway and the device will be officially presented to the press in 2021.