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Moorsimply is an innovative idea dedicated to the pleasure boating sector. Our team is growing rapidly, but we are always on the lookout for new members. If you have technical expertise in electromechanics and R&D, or experience in business management, sales, or book-keeping, send an application to info@moorsimply.com. We are looking for dynamic, motivated people with initiative.

Founding members

Foto di Enrico


Born in Rome on 30 June 1969 and married to Fiorenza with three children, Enrico sees himself as a visionary inventor who loves sailing.

His dream: to follow the sun, powered by the wind.

Very energetic, Enrico has a finger in every pie. During high school and throughout university he worked as a furniture representative to support himself financially, before working for the Italian State Police as a case officer from 1994 to ‘98. He graduated in Law from La Sapienza University of Rome and started working for the prestigious Colambumbo law firm in Rome in 1996, after which he embraced life as an entrepreneur, founding a metal construction company to manufacture designer steel and crystal components for residential buildings. Over time, he has honed his attention to detail, concentrating his work on producing exclusive, high-end turnkey displays, which he designs and installs for concept stores and businesses. In the 2000s, his curiosity for niche activities led him down a parallel track and into the world of visual communication. He started designing and constructing elegant supports for flag displays on buildings and had the genius idea to create a flag pole with an innovative anti-roll-up device. This project, known as Hercules, was patented in 2004 and is still in production today. It has been recognised for its innovation in Europe, receiving the prestigious Innovalazio Award in 2005. Enrico’s passion and curiosity for new cultures led him on frequent business and leisure trips to South America, China, North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Balkans. He soon realised that a new printing technology was appearing on world markets and was fascinated when he stumbled across a machine at a trade fair in Hamburg that could print any shape or colour directly onto fabric using water-based inks.

Foto di Diego


After finishing high school, Diego studied Business and Economics at the University of Verona, graduating cum laude in June 1999.

From September 1999 until 2000 he served in the Italian Navy as an officer, where he took his leave with the Port Authority Corps. From 2000 to 2005 he collaborated with the chair of Financial Brokerage Law at the University of Verona. During this time he also carried out an internship as a chartered accountant at Sergio Scanferla & Associati in Padua and obtained his qualifications as a chartered accountant and statutory auditor. He has been registered with the Professional Association of Padua District Court since 2004. In 2005 he studied for a Master’s degree in Corporate Tax Law run by Wolters Kluwer, where he met Professor Mauro Beghin, professor of Tax Law at the University of Padua. They worked together for a short time and released a publication. In 2007 he founded Occari & Garbo, a professional association of chartered accountants, statutory auditors and employment experts. In the same year, he was appointed regulatory compliance manager at Banca Padovana Credito Cooperativo, where he worked until 2011. In 2010 he founded Prima Fiduciaria, a trusteeship, management and auditing company. Over time, the company established itself as a specialised and supervised business and is now the parent company of an international trustee group comprising Prima Fiduciaria Spa (Limena), Sviluppo Fiduciaria Srl (Milan) and Prime Trustee Company (London). In 2012, Diego Occari exploited his expertise as a compliance manager for Banca Padovana, as well as a previous partnership with a banking software company to invent and patent an electronic wallet system for smartphones with a closed electronic money circuit.